Rubicon Water - Virtual Booth

Maximizing the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water

Rubicon Water - Virtual Booth

Maximizing the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water

Rubicon Water - Virtual Booth

Maximizing the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water

Rubicon Water - Virtual Booth

Maximizing the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of agricultural water

About Rubicon Water

Rubicon Water’s vision is to sustainably increase global food and fibre production by improving the management of irrigation water from the source through to its application to crops.

Our solutions are used by governments, water authorities and farmers to modernize gravity-fed irrigation supply networks and on-farm irrigation systems. They improve water-use efficiency through accurate measurement and accounting, eliminating spills, improving the reliability and timeliness of water supply, and enabling precise application to crops.

The investment in modern canal management systems supports the productivity, profitability and sustainability outcomes of the on-farm investments being made by the world's farmers by...

Controlling the delivery of water so that farms are reliably supplied when needed, without spills.

Using autonomous canal control, accurate measurement and precise water accounting software.

Timing the application of water to crops

Using sensors and software to precisely monitor crop water demand and predict the optimal irrigation time

Applying the optimal amount of water to crops

Using sensors, software, accurate measurement and remote-control technology

Product Overview

Overshot gate for irrigation channelsFlumeGate Brochure

The FlumeGate is a combined flow measurement and control gate designed for regulating flow in open canals.

Automated flow irrigation gate - WashingtonSlipMeter Brochure

The SlipMeter is a breakthrough all-in-one gate and meter for use as farm turnouts, in-canal regulators and at canal offtakes.

FlumeMeter Brochure

The FlumeMeter is a ground-breaking flow meter specifically designed for open canals.


The PikoMeter is an integrated canal turnout gate and meter that enables you to remotely deliver precisely-measured quantities of water.

PikoMeter Brochure
SlipGate Brochure

The SlipGate is a new generation of precision sluice/slide gate.

Mexicali Automated Irrigation Control GatesBladeMeter Brochure

The BladeMeter is a major advance in valve technology- It's now possible to automatically deliver precise quantities of water at both high and low flow rates in pipelines using only gravity pressure and solar energy.

Irrigation Management Software

ConfluentMexicali Automated Irrigation Control Gates

Rubicon's Confluent software transforms the way irrigation districts manage water, administer operations and serve their customers. Confluent enables you to plan, manage, deliver and communicate better while providing your customers with a world-class service.

SCADAConnect™ Live
Mexicali Automated Irrigation Control GatesSCADAConnect Live Brochure

SCADAConnect Live™ is a cloud-based version of Rubicon’s SCADAConnect remote monitoring and control solution. It's ideal for users migrating from manually-managed operations to remote monitoring and control.


How Does Canal Automation Work?
How does the FlumeGate control canal flow and water levels?
Case Study - Coleambally Irrigation, Victoria, Australia
Case Study - Orellana Irrigation Community, Spain
Case Studies
FlumeGate Automated Irrigation Control Structure CaliforniaOakdale

Oakdale implements Network Control for stable water levels and to eliminate spills

GMW Control StructureShepparton

Shepparton, Australia recovers water for the environment and improves agricultural productivity

Fen River meets efficiency and information technology objectives more quickly and at 25% of the cost of traditional modernization alternatives

Fen River
RD 108

RD108 uses Network Control to help the environment and lower operating costs

Mexicali Automated Irrigation Control GatesMexicali CEABC

CEABC now reliably supplies water to two million people in Northern Mexico without impacting irrigation

Lupton Bottom

Lupton Bottom Ditch Company provides consistent flows while freeing-up operator and management time

Automated Irrigation Canal ChileRio Elqui

Accurate flow measurement provides water-use transparency in Chile

Automated flow irrigation gate - WashingtonNaches-Selah

Naches-Selah automates a complex canal system and improves delivery reliability and safety


On-Farm Automation

About FarmConnect

Surface Irrigation Automation Solution - Remote, automated operation of irrigation gates and valves provides the precise control needed to reduce water use and labor while improving crop quality and quantity.

Automated Irrigation Canal ChileBayDrive

The BayDrive is a remotely operated farm ditch gate actuator. It's designed to make surface irrigation less labor-intensive and more flexible so you can improve yields and reduce water use.

Automated flow irrigation gate - WashingtonBladeValve

Automated high-flow valve for high-performance surface irrigation. The BladeValve is a remotely operated high-flow pipe valve that makes surface irrigation less labor-intensive and more flexible.

Case Studies
FlumeGate Automated Irrigation Control Structure CaliforniaRay Thornton

Ray Thornton met all these needs and more by choosing a FarmConnect High-Performance Surface Irrigation Solution. The solution involved installing 69 automated BayDrive outlet actuators, a soil moisture sensor and a rain gauge to provide accurate information on crop water demand.

GMW Control StructureRussell Pell

Russell Pell installed high-flow gates and automated them using a FarmConnect High-Performance Surface Irrigation Solution. The result was higher yields and a better quality crop, while using less water.

Next Generation FarmConnect

Rubicon Water’s Next Generation FarmConnect, is a:

   • Data driven platform that uses data analytics and predictive algorithms on cloud based computing
   • Used to interpret real-time field conditions from smart sensors and connected devices.
   • The solution’s deliverable is adaptive irrigation management using science-based prediction and field       optimization to deliver irrigation prescriptions to each part of the property
   • In addition to smart management of irrigation systems, newly generated ‘big’ data ensures continuous       improvement from season to season or between enterprises.

Focusing on Surface Irrigation Automation:

   • Rubicon Water has proven that automation is an essential element of High Performance Surface Irrigation,       ensuring the On-Farm development programs achieve increased application efficiencies by using an integrated       system of Automation and Crop Management to achieve increased productivity using less water.
   • Surface irrigation is the predominate method of irrigation for food and fibre production worldwide.
   • The potential for wider adoption is significant with on-farm application efficiencies for surface irrigation in the       range of 85 to 95% is achievable.
   • In addition, yield increase of 20% is achievable through smart sensor technology, connected devices and       hardware, data analytics and agronomy and science.

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